Eastman Education Centre provides post-secondary education and training opportunities for youth and adults in southeast Manitoba:

This training will assist people in their career and personal development and help meet the requirements for a skilled workforce in order to achieve business, economic and community goals.


Eastman Education Centre's model brings courses from Manitoba universities and colleges together in one convenient and accessible location. You might think of it as an "educational mall". To see what is currently available, follow the links to the educational partners on the left or click the Current Courses button above.

Eastman Education Centre students benefit from the small class-sizes and accessible instructors at our centre. They also love the shorter commute times, convenient parking and small campus – all of which gives them more time to study and contributes to a higher quality education. Whether you're a new high school graduate, in the work force and looking to advance your career, or interested in a stimulating leisure-time activity, we have a course for you! Contact us for more details.